About Forgotten Metal

Welcome to the Forgotten Metal “About” page! Unless you’ve become horribly lost in the Internet and ended up here, in which case I hope you find your way. But if not- welcome! Forgotten Metal was started in the summer of 2014 after a particularly car-studded trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. An iPhone camera and an unhealthy obsession with cars turned into few paragraphs on Facebook and some amateur photography, which turned into this WordPress that you’re staring at now. Forgotten Metal seeks to highlight everything odd, influential, or off-the-beaten-path in the car world. Many of the cars that you see here are driven regularly, if not daily, while others sit in museums. Some are rust-beaten and run down, others are near showroom quality. Some were mass produced, others are hand-built. Diversity rules here, so click around. Read a little. Look at some pictures. That’s really all this is- not trying to set the world on fire here. So enjoy yourself, and thanks for visiting.


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