It’s A Jeep And A Half


This handsome beast is a 1967 Jeepster Commando. Introduced as a competitor to the then-popular Ford Bronco and International Scout, the Jeepster slotted into the aging Jeep lineup between the smaller CJ and the Wagoneer. The surprisingly fun to pronounce Jeepster was available in several body styles, including a pickup and a station wagon. This one appears to be the Jeepster Commando Roadster (though it is tough to tell with the cover), which funnily enough could be optioned without a roof, because it was a Jeep and roofs are for sissies.


Four-wheel drive was standard, and you could pick from two engines: the “hurricane” four cylinder, developing a blustery 75 horsepower, or the more popular (and Buick-sourced) “Dauntless V-6.” That’s the engine this one has, which I know because Jeep helpfully wrote “Dauntless V-6” on the iconic seven-slot grille. This one developed a more daunting 155 horsepower routed through a 3-speed automatic. But at the end of the day (and here we are, at the actual end of the day), this car could make twelve caribou-power routed through a box of peanut butter patties. You see, the Jeepster is a car where numbers just don’t matter. It has a silly name, yellow(ish) paint, no roof, and is parked on an island. This car couldn’t be more in it’s element if it tried.



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